Analyses paper about an assigned company.


1. Read the assignment guidelines (1 page attached); the grading will be based on this document.

2. Read the assigned company’s profile (1 page attached)

3. Visit the firm’s webpage to get familiar with the firm’s business approach

4. Search for relevant resources related to this firm (readings, articles, cases studies, interviews, videos, etc.). 

5. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully. and follow every signle requirments of the analyses. 

6. There are 4 point under the analyses part, you have to follow every signle thing that is required for each part of the analyses. 

7. Also, there is an attachement that will show you how to do the last part of the analyses which is Box 4.

8. Pages limite required: 5 pages

9. At least 5 reliable sources required. 

10. Word do. 12 font, duple spaced.

11. Due: April 9, 2017


 ** you will have to put charts or graphs and explain them. 


NOTE:  (((This is a group project))) SO, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO ((ONLY)) THE PARTS THAT are HIGLIGHTED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS DOC. Which is the analyses part but also look at the instructions at the pegginig, very top of the doc. 

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