Analyse Chushingura: The Forty Seven Samurai


About one page to analyse the play Chushingura: The Forty Seven Samurai, the plat contains 6 elements,


1. Plot. We will consider whether plays are episodic, climactic, and cyclical, what makes it so.


A.  What is the point of attack?


2.Character. We are considering stock, archetypal or complex characters 


3. Thought. Please identify the value system that infuses the play.


4. Diction. Is the language high-flown or mundane?  What is the result? 


5.  Music. In addition to melody (as in a chorus), please consider the rise and fall of action in the timing of inciting incident, complication, crisis, climax and resolution (or denouement)


6.  Spectacle. Here is the “catch-all” for stage directions that tell you what the playwright expects to see on the stage as well as what you envision. 


And I want part 2&3, character and thought, please read the attchement.

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