/ Business Management


1.      Answer the below questions in regards to you company “”


2.     Must be in Microsoft word.


3.     State your company at the top of your paper.


4.     Write the question out then provide your response. 


5.     All responses need to be thoroughly thought out..


6.     Provide the references of where you obtain your information


7.     No Plagiarism.



  1. Who is in charge of information technology for (name and title)?
  2. Who is in charge of quality assurance for (name and title)?
  3. Does have a 6-Sigma program? If so, for how long?
  4. Is ISO Certified?
  5. Does operate under a Lean philosophy?
  6. How would the absence of modern information technology limit the business activities of a company conducting business around the world?
  7. What role does quality assurance play in Lean Operations?
  8. What new IT device would you create to improve the operations of (Be creative.)
  9. How would Amazon function without modern information technology? How long would it take to place an order and receive the product?
  10. What problems could Sullivan University solve using 6-Sigma methodology? (Be creative.)



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