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amanda rose

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 10 new slides. Include detailed speaker notes with each slide. The presentation should help them with the questions they have as follows:

  • Why was it necessary to implement IPv6? Logically support your rationale.
  • How do you properly abbreviate an IPv6 address? Provide a detailed example.
  • What two 64-bit parts are contained in an IPv6 address, and what does each part represent? Provide a detailed example.
  • What is the difference between an anycast address and a unicast address? Logically describe the important differences.
  • How can you easily identify IPv6 multicast addresses? Provide a good example.
  • What commands are used to apply initial router configurations? Provide an example from one of the labs.
  • What commands are used to apply the VLANs and Trunk configurations? Provide an example from one of the labs.
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INTERNET xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 6

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 6 (ipv6) xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx that identify xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxx addressing system.

xxxx was xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Task xxxxx (IETF) xx xxxxxxx IPV4. This xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx a xxxxxxx of xxxx address xxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx because it is xxxx xxx xxx reaching. This is xxxxxxx it xx xxxxxxxx to allow internet growth in xxxxx of the number of hosts xxxxxxxxx and the xxxxx amount xx xxxx xxxxxxx transmitted.

xxxx solved xxx xxxxxxx with xxxx address exhaustion. This is xxxxxxx IPV6 allows xxxx unique xxxxxx address identifiers to be created.


xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx one to use xxx two-colon xxxx xxxxxxxx to represent xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx field of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx be xxxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx all of xxxxx xxxxxxxx 128

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