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Ceramics have the capacity to fulfill certain functions and require certain kinds of knowledge and labor investment in manufacture. So, to, do baskets. Baskets are undoubtedly much earlier than ceramics. Baskets undoubtedly contribute to the development of ceramics. But baskets differ in the contributions that can be made to human art, subsistence, and social organization.I want you to write an essay comparing  1)  the general manufacturing processes of ceramics and baskets, 2) the ways that humans get involved in the processes,  3)  the importance of both container types in the various levels of social organization (we have covered them all), and 4) the extent to which you think either container type or both may be mass-produced in preindustrial societies – think of craft specialists in which societies craft specialists inhabit.
I want you to write a project, I already have a project structure to you:
Research on ancient ceramic building technologies
I will talk about what we need for equipment and materials to build ceramic. Then, I will talk about every step of the building process with picture. For the picture, I won’t take pictures by myself, because I do not have equipment and materials to build ceramic by myself.
This essay needs at least 3 sources and show under reference page. The link of image need to show under every image, but do not need to show under reference page.
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