Adding features to PHP address book script


I need expand the PHP script I created to add more items to an address book application. So far, I've created the basic login screen which has been tested with a hard-coded username and password and presents a message whether access was granted or denied. Following are the requirements for the address book code:
- Throw an exception when the user enters invalid login credentials instead of displaying a message
- Catch and handle the error thrown by the code
- Redirect the user back to the login screen and display a friendly error message stating that the credentials were incorrect
- On successful login, set a cookie that will remember the user's credentials for a specific period of time. Redirect the user to a "Home" page that greets the person by name
- If a user who is already logged in attempts to visit the login page, the person should be redirected to the "Home" page
- Include a "logout" button at the top of the "Home" page that will clear the cookie and redirect the user to the "login" page

There are other requirements going forward but this will do for now.  I have attached the files that need revising.

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  • Budget: $70