Activity 3.5 - MS Project Practice: Project Schedule


Activity 3.5 - MS Project Practice: Project Schedule

In this exercise you can use Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Office Excel or Word. If you do not have Microsoft® Office applications, you can use whatever editor or spreadsheet tool available. A spreadsheet is preferred if Microsoft® Project is not used. Any format will be accepted.

® Project Practice: If your book came with a free trial of Microsoft® Project 2010 or 2013, you will need to install it for this activity. If not, go to the MS Project Professional 2013 download page and register for a free trial version. After you have installed the software, go to the help menu and review all the links for "Getting Started with Project." Note: You will need to burn a disk or mount an ISO image to install using Windows 8.

If using Microsoft® Office Word or Excel or any other spreadsheet, the tasks are the same.

Task for this exercise: Create a simple 10 task project schedule that covers one week of your efforts for this class.
1. Create a list of 10 common tasks you do each week for this class. Example: review module, plan time to work it, read book/material, complete assignments, review before turn-in, check grade.
2. If using Word or Excel or other spreadsheet, create at least 4 columns in a table with the following data: task, time estimate, time actual, day

TaskTime EstimateTime ActualDay
Review module0.5 hr.0.3 hrs.Monday
Plan time to work it2 hrs.4 hrs.Tuesday
Read book1 hr.0.5 hr.Sunday
Complete assignments4 hrs.8 hrs.Wednesday
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