Hedging Decision. Chicago Company expects to receive 5 million euros in one year from exports.It can use any one of the following strategies to deal with the exchange rate risk. Estimate the dollar cash flows received as a result of using the following strategies:


a.   unhedged strategy

b.   money market hedge

c.   option hedge


The spot rate of the euro as of today is $1.10. Interest rate parity exists. Chicago uses the forward rate as a predictor of the future spot rate. The annual interest rate in the U.S. is 8% versus an annual interest rate of 5% in the eurozone. Put options on euros are available with an exercise price of $1.11, an expiration date of one year from today, and a premium of $.06 per unit. Estimate the dollar cash flows it will receive as a result of using each strategy. Which hedge is optimal?


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