By fort Company reports the following in its financial statements:

*All sales are on credit.

1. How much did the company collect in cash from debtors during 2006?
A. $445,389K
B. $454,611K
C. $484,289K
D. $488,900K

2. How much sales would have been reported by the company in 2006 if by fort would have been using cash accounting and not accrual accounting?
A. $445,389K
B. $454,611K
C. $484,289K
D. $488,900K
33. Which of the following does not represent future expected cash inflows?
A. accounts receivable
B. prepaid expenses
C. inventory
D. notes receivable

4. Two otherwise equal companies have significantly different dividend payout ratios. Which of the following statements is most likely to be correct? The company with higher the dividend payout ratio:
A. will have a higher inventory turnover ratio.
B. will have a lower inventory turnover ratio.
C. will have higher earnings growth.
D. will have lower earnings growth.

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