Accounting Assignment - CAFR Analysis

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Project Descriptions


Both the CAFR Analysis and the Not-for-Profit analysis paper will demonstrate your comprehension of the course subject matter and your ability to communicate effectively in writing. You are to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of (1) a governmental entity and (2) a not-for-profit organization of your choosing. 

Not-for-Profit Organization Analysis

For the Not-for-Profit analysis, you will need to identify that organization's mission statement and then describe the extent to which the mission was accomplished. You will need to identify criteria for evaluation of the mission statement, measure achievement, and offer a conclusion on the evidence presented.

The paper should be about three pages long, single-spaced, in 12-point font. References must be included, but will not be counted as part of minimum page count. The paper should be submitted in the Assignments section of WebTycho.

Your paper will be graded as a deliverable designed to show your mastery of the presentation of ideas, references (APA in text citation and properly presented "Works Cited"), and appropriate style and grammar.

CAFR Analysis

During the semester, we will be working on a continuing project focusing on the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) of a local government. You will need to obtain a CAFR from a local government and use it in answering questions pertaining to the various chapters. The purpose of this project is to make you familiar with a government's financial statements and see how the information in the text is translated into and presented in the financial statements.



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    Accounting Assignment - CAFR Analysis

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