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Submitted by Dredre33 on Wed, 2017-01-11 13:31
due on Wed, 2017-01-11 03:00
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Submitted by AccFinCostEco... on Wed, 2017-01-11 16:07
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Answer x

b.xxxxxxxx management team has xxxx investing xxxxxxx xx capital expenditure xxx xxxxxxxxx them xxxx the xxxxxxxx xx stocks and xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx funds.

Answer 2

xx agency xxxxxxx

xxxxxx x

c. xxxxxx xxx generated xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx its operations during the years xxxxx xxxxx 2009, xxx xxxxx

xxxxxx 4

x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx invested xx new capital xxxxxxxxxxxx over the period xx xxxxxxx million.

xxxxxx 5

xxGoogle's xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx was the issuance of common xxxxx xxx the amount of xxxxxxx

Answer 6

xxxxx xxxx Flow Discount ratexxxxxxx xxxxx
0x xxxxxxxxxxx * xxxxxx x (1,960,000.00)
x x xxxxxxx * 0.9709 x xxxxxxxxxx
x x xxxxxxx x 0.9426x 358,186.45
3 x xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
4x 380,000* 0.8885* xxxxxxxxxx
x * xxxxxxxx 0.8626 * xxxxxxxxxx
x x xxxxxxx * xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xx NPV$98,532.75
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x Present Value xx xxxx xxxxx initial investment
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx* xxxx
c)Years xxxx Flow
x * (1,960,000)
x* 380,000
2* 380,000
3* xxxxxxx
4 x xxxxxxx
5* 380,000
x* 380,000
xx xxx project should xx accepted xxxxxxx xxx NPV xx xxxxxxxx and xxx xxx xx higher than xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Answer x

Common xxxxx Axxxxxx Stock x
Probability ReturnProbability xxxxxx
xxxxxp(y) y
0.35 xxxxxxx-6%
0.3 xxx xxxx xx
0.3518% xxxx13%
xx Expected Return xx A =15.60%
x^2xxxxx x^2
b) xxxxxxxx Deviation of xxxxx

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