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Acc211 Fundamental Accounting Principal MacGraw Hill Connect Homework 8

The petty cash fund of the Rio Agency is established at $75. At the end of the current period, the fund contained $14 and had the following receipts: film rentals, $19, refreshments for meetings, $23 (both expenditures to be classified as Entertainment Expense); postage, $6; and printing, $13.

(a) Prepare journal entries to record establishment of the fund. (Omit the "$" sign in your response):

General Journal Debit Credit

Petty cash


(b) Prepare journal entries to record reimbursement of the fund at the end of the current period. (Omit the "$" sign in your response):

General Journal Debit Credit

Entertainment expense

Postage expense

Printing expense



Identify the two events that cause a Petty Cash account to be credited in a journal entry. (Click each check box twice to clear the "?". Then, click the check box next to each answer that applies.)

The dollar amount of the fund is being reduced

The fund is being eliminated

To establish the petty cash fund

To increase the petty cash fund

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The xxxxx xxxx fund of xxx xxx Agency xx established at xxxx At xxx xxx of the current period, xxx fund contained xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx receipts: film xxxxxxxx xxxx refreshments for xxxxxxxxx $23 (both xxxxxxxxxxxx to be classified as xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx

(a) Prepare journal entries to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxx xxxxx the "$" sign in your xxxxxxxxxx

General xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Petty xxxx xxx

Cash 75

(b) Prepare journal entries xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the fund at xxx xxx of xxx xxxxxxx period. xxxxx the xxx xxxx in xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx Journal Debit Credit

Entertainment xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx expense

Printing expense

Cash xxxx


xxxxxxxx the two events xxxx cause x Petty xxxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx in x journal entry. (Click each xxxxx box twice to clear the xxxx xxxxx click xxx check xxx xxxx to xxxx xxxxxx xxxx applies.)

The dollar amount xx the xxxx is xxxxx reduced xxxxxxxxx

xxxx fund xx xxxxx eliminated (Correct)

To xxxxxxxxx the xxxxx cash xxxx

To increase the xxxxx xxxx xxxx

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