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The objectives of your assignment are:

To develop your critical analytical skills and written communication to a point that you have demonstrated you can communicate and argue a case from an accounting theory perspective.

This assignment requires a substantial search of the accounting theory literature You will need to use the resources of the various databases and your text to successfully undertake this work.  Extensive reading is highly desirable.

Case Title: “Super funds set to track carbon footprints”  – By Derek Parker

Parker D 2009, The Australian, 23 January p.25.


Brief summary of the case:


The case study is about the superfunds and the decision making process when investing. According to the 2008 report, ‘Carbon Counts’, superfunds are considering greenhouse gas emissions in their investment decisions. Some superfunds had much smaller carbon footprints than others yet showed above average performance.  The research found that it was possible to greatly reduce the carbon liabilities of a portfolio by carefully selecting carbon- efficient companies without sacrificing financial returns.

Read the above case, examine the results and conduct your own research of other relevant materials to answer the following questions in your own words:


1.    Why would the finance sector and investment funds in particular to have an interest in climate change.                                                                                                  (5 marks)

2.    Outline potential sources of information that superannuation funds could use to gather data about a company’s sustainability operations.                                                      ( 5 marks)

3.    Outline methods superannuation funds could use to encourage companies to take a more active role in managing climate change.                                                               (5 marks)


4.    Read the report, Carbon Counts 2008: “The Carbon Footprints of Australian Superannuation Investment Managers” as mentioned in the case. Choose any 2 companies from ASX 200 that discloses their environmental or carbon impacts. Analyze the report in the context of Stakeholder theory answering the questions below.


·      As Stakeholder theory is divided into two branches, which branch of the theory is explained in this case?


·      Explain the difference between the two branches in terms of the alternative perspectives about when information will, or should be produced by an organization.


Use academic journals to support your arguments.                                     (20 marks) 


 Full report can be accessed from the following link:


Provide substantial research, references and clarity of presentation.         (5 marks) 


Important points:


·      You are required to demonstrate scholarly discussion and  critical analytical skill. You should be able to understand the questions and answer them with precision.


·      You may use the CQU library for the case study.

·      Academic as well as professional journal articles may be relevant for the case studies. Academic journal articles are generally approximately 4500 words in length and always include references.

·      You may use your text to provide additional information not covered in your articles which you believe is important. However, most of your material should come from other sources.

·      The best databases for finding relevant articles are: EBSCOHOST, Infotrac and Emerald.

·      The assignment should be prepared in a case analysis format.  Answer the specific questions. Do NOT write an essay. Do not share your submission with others. Otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism.

·      You may also wish to seek assistance from the Communications Learning Centre or Learning Skills Unit for additional assistance on how to research and write your assignment.


Regular access to the course website is a requirement of this course.  Additional information regarding this course may be placed on the course website.  This information may include, but is not limited to, assignment guidance and exam preparation.


·      You must use both in-text referencing (e.g., author surname, year of publication, page no. if applicable) throughout this assignment and a reference list at the end of the paper.  Refer to the Guide for students for referencing style.

·      The assignment should be prepared using 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing.

Assessment criteria

Assessment of the case study will be based on the criteria listed below and your submission should include the following:

·      A title page with the title of the case and your details.

·      A brief abstract or summary (maximum 200 words).

·      Preamble/introduction - how you see the case and how you have approached the case study.

·      Branching out to existing literature – other resources you have used to analyze the issues in the case and collect empirical evidence in support of your answers/views. References to be provided in the text and a reference list included at the end.

·      Identifying, analyzing and arguing the core issues. Discuss all aspects.

·      Answering the case questions. Be precise and answer to the point. Show evidence of good critical thinking and research.

·      Logical arguments to establish your views.

·      Discussion on other peripheral issues.

·      Use of suitable examples in support of arguments.

·      Conclusion. A closing statement. What you have learnt from doing the case study.



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