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Submitted by lilell on Sun, 2013-08-04 08:36
due on Mon, 2013-08-05 08:35
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ACC 206 WEEK 2 Ashford University

Submitted by excellentassi... on Thu, 2014-02-13 15:28
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ACC 206 Week 2 assignment

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file1.xlsx preview (595 words)


a. Compute the number of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx that xxxx xxxxxx during 20X6. 
Preferred xxxxx - xxxx in capital$580,000
xxx Value xxxx
Number of xxxxx5800
b. Calculate the xxxxxxx issue xxxxx of the xxxxxx stock sold in 20X6. 
xxxx xxxx
Common stock xxxxxxxxxx$1,750,000
xxx Valuexxxxxx
Number of xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx Stock - par xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx capital in excess xx parxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total $6,970,000$5,350,000
Sale xxxxxxxx xxxxx$1,620,000
Issue price xxx xxxxx xxxxxx
xx By xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx company's paid-in capital increase xxxxxx xxxxx 
Preferred Stock - par xxxxx$580,000 $500,000
Paid in xxxxxxx in excess xx xxx$24,000 $0
xxxxx xxxxxxxx $500,000
Increase during the xxx xxxxxxxx
Common Stock - xxx xxxxx $2,350,000 xxxxxxxxxx
Paid in capital in xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total$6,970,000 $5,350,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the yer xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $1,724,000
xx xxx Star's xxxxx legal xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6? xx xxxx amount? 
xxx xxxxx capital of xxx company has increase as below:
Preferred xxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx $600,000
Total $680,000


Southlke xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx ACase B xxxx x
a. xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx date xxxxxxxx$864,000 $945,000
xx Total cash xxxxxxx xxxxxxx maturity$900,000xxxxxxxx$900,000
c. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx over the xxxx of the bond issue

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (272 words)


xxx 206
xxxxxxx 1
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xNumber xx xxxxxxxxx Shares xxxxxx x ($600,000 x xxxxxxxxx x xxxx x 800 shares
xNumber xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxx - $1,550,000) x xxx x xxxxxx xxxxxx
Average xxxxx Price = ($2,350,000 + $4,620,000 - $1,550,000 x $3,600,000) / 60,000 shares x xxx per share
c Increase xx Paid xx xxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx - $6,920,000) x xxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxx xx Legal xxxxxxx x ($600,000 x $2,350,000 x $500,000 x xxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
Northern Corporation
xxxx x Case B Case x
a * xxxxxxx * 768,000 * xxxxxxx
x* xxxxxxx * 800,000* 800,000
c x xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx * 520,000
x* xxxxxx * 49,333* 43,333
x x (13,333) * (10,667)x xxxxx
f xxx0.0* 36,250
x xxx* xxxxxx0.0
x* xxxxxxx* 757,333 xxxxx
xxxxxxx 3
x & B Manufacturing Materials xxxxxxxxxxConversion
ax xd
Materials and xxxxxxxx used
xxxxxx 80,000* 80,000
xxxxxx xxxxx* xxxxxx
Machine lubricantsx xxxxx
Wages xxx salaries
Machine operators * xxxxxxx * 140,000 x 140,000
Production xxxxxxxxxxx* 62,000
Maintenance xxxxxxxxx* xxxxxx
Other xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx* xxxxxx
xxxxx * 48,000
Totals * xxxxxxx 140,000 * xxxxxxx * 344,000
xxxxxxx 4
x xxxxx Industries, xxx
Schedule xx Cost of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
For the Year xxxxx xxxxxxxx 31
Work in Process, xxx 1* 32,000
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Used:
xxx Materials, Jan 1x xxxxxx
xxxxxx Materials xxxxxxxxx* 87,000
Raw Materials xxxxxxxxx xxx Use x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Materials Usedx (11,000)
xxxxx x 107,000
xxx xxxxxxxxxx Dec 31 * (40,000)
Direct xxxxxxxxx Usedx xxxxxx
xxxxxx Labor* 75,000
Manufacturing xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Materials xxxxx xxxxxx
Indirect xxxxx x xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Factory Taxes * xxxxx
Factory Utilities * xxxxxx
Total Manufacturing Overhead* 78,000
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx Cost * 252,000
Work xx Process, xxx 31 * xxxxxxxx
Cost of xxxxx Manufacturedx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by topclassjob on Tue, 2015-11-10 08:49
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ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment Chapter Two and Three Problems (New)

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- - - too long to show a preview - - -

file1.doc preview (1348 words)

xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx Problems

xxxxxx xxxxxxxx the following x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxxx Excel or x xxxx document xxxx xxxx xx single xxxxxxxxxx You must xxxx your xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx (leaving xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx within Excel cells xx acceptable). Save xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx it xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx using xxx Assignment Submission button.

Chapter 2 Exercise 1

xx Issuance xx xxxxx

Prepare journal entries xx record the xxxxxxxx of 100,000 shares of xxxxxx stock xx $20 per xxxxx for each of xxx xxxxxxxxx independent xxxxxx

Jackson xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx stock xxxx a par xxxxx of $1 per xxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxx 2,000,000 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxx

Credit: Additional paid xx capital, xxxxxx stock xxxxxxxxxx

Credit: xxxxxx xxxxx 100,000

xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx common with a stated xxxxx of $5 D xxxxxx

xxxxxx Cash xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx capital, common xxxxx 1,500,000

Credit: Common stock 500,000

French Corporation has xxxxxx common; xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx

xxxxxx Cash 2,000,000

xxxxxxx xxxxxx stock 2,000,000

xxxxxxx x Exercise 3

xx Analysis xx stockholders' xxxxxx

Star xxxxxxxxxxx issued xxxx xxxxxx and preferred xxxxx during xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx balance sheets xx the end of xxxx xxx 19X5 xxxxxxxx





Preferred stock, $100 par value, 10%



Common xxxxxx $10 xxx xxxxx



xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in excess of par xxxxx


- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by xoon on Tue, 2014-02-11 21:40
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Fresh work 100% correct answer A+++++++++++++++++++TUTORIAL GUARANTEED PERFECT perfect calculations A++ paper the best answer here on site

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file1.xlsx preview (592 words)


xxxxxxxxx xx assignment of ccchapman86 (July xxx
xxxxxxx 2
E3-1 Star Corporation
a) Increase in Preferred xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
÷ Par value xxx preferred share $100
xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx shares issued xx 20X6 xxx
xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxx ($2,350,000 - xxxxxxxxxxx $ xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in Excess xx Par - Common1,020,000
Total xxxxxxxx xx common stock accounts$ xxxxxxxxx
÷ Increase in xxxxxx xx common xxxxxx ($600,000 / $10)60,000
Average issue xxxxx xxx common xxxxx issued xx xxxx $27.00
xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx
Total stockholders' equityx xxxxxxxxxx$ 12,770,000
Less: Retained earnings xxxxxxxxx6,920,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx $ 7,574,000x xxxxxxxxx $ 1,724,000
d) xxxxxxxxIncrease
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx par value $ xxxxxxx $ 500,000
Common xxxxxx xxx par value2,350,0001,750,000
xxxxx legal capitalx 2,930,000 $ xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx
xxxx Southlake xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx BCase C
Total par value xx xxxxx$ 900,000 x xxxxxxx$ xxxxxxx
x Quoted price 100%96% xxxx
xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx issuance date $ xxxxxxx$ 864,000 $ xxxxxxx
b) Case x xxxx B xxxx x
xxxxx xxx value of bondsx 900,000 $ 900,000x 900,000
x Annual coupon xxxxxxxx rate 8% 8% xx
xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx payment $ 72,000x 72,000 x 72,000
x xxxxxx of years to maturity10 xx10
xxxxx xxxxxx interest xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx $ 720,000 x xxxxxxx
Add: xxx xxxxx xx the bondsxxxxxxx900,000 xxxxxxx
Total xxxx xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by SolutionGuru on Sun, 2013-08-04 11:21
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ACC 206 Week 2 Exercise Assignment__100% CORRECTLY SOLVED__A+ OR MONEY BACK GURANTEE

body preview (11 words)

xxx 206 Week x Exercise Assignment__100% xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx BACK GURANTEE

file1.doc preview (1119 words)

xxxxxxx 2 xxxxxxxx xx

Issuance of xxxxxx

Cash (100,000 xx xxxx……………………………………………………… xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxxx xx xxx……….......................... 100,000

Paid-in xxxxxxx xx Excess xx Par xxxxxxxx xx xxxx……… xxxxxxxxxx

Cash xxxxxxxx xx $20)……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

Common Stock xxxxxxxx х xxx………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Paid-in xxxxxxx in xxxxxx of

Stated xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx…………………………xx 1,500,000

Cash (100,000 х $20)……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

Common Stock-No-Par Value (100,000 xx xxxx………… xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx x Exercise xxx

xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity

xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx shares xxxx were xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6 x xxxxxxxxx−xxxxxxxxxxxxx

x 800 xxxxxxx

The average xxxxx xxxxx of the common xxxxx sold in xxxxx

Number xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx were xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6 x $(2,350,000−1,750,000)/$10

x xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Avg. xxxxxxx capital xx xxxxxx of xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx = $(4,620,000−3,600,000)/$60000

= xxx

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxx sold xx xxxx = $(17 x xxx = $27

xxx company's paid-in capital xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxx + xxxxxxxxxxx−xxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxx xxxxx legal xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (1119 words)

Chapter 2 Exercise xx

Issuance of xxxxxx

Cash (100,000 х $20)……………………………………………………… xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxxx х xxx………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 100,000

Paid-in Capital in Excess xx Par xxxxxxxx xx xxxx……… xxxxxxxxxx

Cash xxxxxxxx х xxxx……………………………………………………… xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx $5)……….......................... 500,000

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx Excess xx

Stated xxxxx xxxxxxxx х $15)…………………………xx 1,500,000

xxxx xxxxxxxx х $20)……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

Common Stock-No-Par xxxxx xxxxxxxx х $20)………… xxxxxxxxxx

Chapter 2 xxxxxxxx xxx

xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity

xxxxxx xx preferred xxxxxx that were issued during 20X6 = xxxxxxxxx−xxxxxxxxxxxxx

= 800 xxxxxxx

xxx xxxxxxx issue price xx the xxxxxx xxxxx sold in 20X6:

Number xx common shares that were issued during 20X6 = $(2,350,000−xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx x 60,000 shares

Avg. Paid-in xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xx par xxxxx common xx xxxx x $(4,620,000−xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

= xxx

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx common xxxxx sold in xxxx x $(17 x 10) = xxx

xxx xxxxxxxxx paid-in capital xxxxxxxxx during xxxx = $24,000 + xxxxxxxxxxx−xxxxxxxxxx


Star's total legal xxxxxxx increased

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by alltutorials on Mon, 2014-09-01 19:08
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ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment ( Week Two Problems ) ~ ( Latest Syllabus - Updated Jan, 2015 - Perfect Tutorial - Scored 100% )

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file1.docx preview (1192 words)


xxxx Two Problems

xxxx x Assignment

xxx 206

1. Analysis of stockholders' xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx (100 xxx value) xxxxxx during xxxx x 580,000 – 500,000

x xxxxxxx

xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx

x Par value xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx issued x xxx value xxx share xx xxxxxxxxx shares

x xxxxxx / 100

= 800 xxxxxx

Common xxxxx (10 par value) xxxx in 20X6 x xxxxxxxxx – 1,750,000

x xxxxxxxx

Number of xxxxxx stock sold = xxxxxxx / xx

x xxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxxx in capital = xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx

= xxxxxxxxxx

Average issue price xx xxxxxx stock sold in xxxxx

Par xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx

(+) Additional paid xx xxxxxxx : xxxxxx stock xxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx 1,620,000

Average xxxxx xxxxx

x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxx stock xxxx

x xxxxxxxxx / xxxxxx

= xxx

The average issue price of xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx in xxxx = $27

xxxxxxxx in paid in xxxxxxx xx preferred xxxxxx xx xxx x xxxxxx – 50000 = 80,000

Increase in paid xx capital of xxxxxxxxx shares in excess of xxx xxxxx = 24000 – 0 = 24000

Total xxxxxxxx in xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

x 80,000 + xxxxxx

= $104,000

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by accountguru on Sun, 2013-08-04 13:06
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ACC 206 WEEK 2 Ashford University

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file1.xlsx preview (595 words)


xx Compute the number xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx were xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx 
Preferred xxxxx x xxxx xx capitalxxxxxxxx
Par Value $100
Number xx shres xxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx 20X6. 
Common xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Par xxxxxxxx $10
Number of Sharesxxxxxxx 175,000
xxxxxx xx Shares xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx - par Valuexxxxxxxxxx $1,750,000
xxxx xx xxxxxxx in xxxxxx of xxx $4,620,000xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx proceeds xxxxx $1,620,000
xxxxx price xxx share$27.00
xx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx capital increase xxxxxx 20X6? 
Preferred Stock x xxx Value$580,000$500,000
xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx excess of xxx xxxxxxxxx
Total $604,000 xxxxxxxx
Increase during xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Stock x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$1,750,000
Paid xx capital in xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx $3,600,000
Increase xxxxxx xxx yer $1,620,000
xxxxx Increase xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$1,724,000
d. Did xxxxxx total xxxxx capital xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6? By xxxx xxxxxxx 
xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx company xxx increase as xxxxxx
Preferred Stock$80,000
Common xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx $680,000


Southlke xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx Axxxx B xxxx C
xx xxxx inflow xx xxx issuance xxxx $900,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx Total cash outflow xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx$900,000$900,000 xxxxxxxx
c. Total xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx the life of xxx xxxx issue

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Martin on Sun, 2013-08-04 10:27
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"ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment"- Guaranteed A+ Work !!

body preview (15 words)

xxxx xxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxx is in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx free to xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (272 words)


Acc 206
Problem 1
Star Corporation
aNumber xx Preferred xxxxxx xxxxxx x ($600,000 x $500,000) / $100 = 800 xxxxxx
bxxxxxx xx Common Shares xxxxxx x ($2,350,000 - xxxxxxxxxxx / xxx x xxxxxx shares
xxxxxxx Issue xxxxx x ($2,350,000 x $4,620,000 x $1,550,000 x xxxxxxxxxxx x 60,000 xxxxxx x $27 xxx share
x xxxxxxxx in Paid xx xxxxxxx = ($16,064,000 - $8,470,000) x xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxx in Legal Capital x xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx x $500,000 - xxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
xxxxxxxx Corporation
Case xxxxx B xxxx x
a * 800,000 x 768,000 x 840,000
x* xxxxxxxx 800,000 x 800,000
c* 560,000 x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
d x 46,667 * xxxxxx x 43,333
x x xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx * xxxxx
fxxxxxx x xxxxxx
x0.0* 42,667xxx
hx 800,000 x 757,333 xxxxx
Problem 3
x & B xxxxxxxxxxxxx Materials Laborxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx cd
xxxxxxxxx and supplies xxxx
Brass * xxxxxx* 80,000
xxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 8,000
Wages and salaries
xxxxxxx operators x xxxxxxx* xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx* 62,000
Maintenance personnel x xxxxxx
xxxxx factory xxxxxxxx
Variable x 29,000
xxxxx * 48,000
Totals x xxxxxxx 140,000x xxxxxxx* 344,000
Problem 4
x Jakob Industries, xxx
xxxxxxxx xx xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
For xxx Year xxxxx December 31
xxxx xx Process, xxx xx 32,000
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Raw xxxxxxxxxx xxx 1* xxxxxx
xxxxxx Materials Purchases* 87,000
xxx Materials Available for Use* xxxxxxx
Indirect Materials Used* xxxxxxxx
xxxxx* xxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx 31 x (40,000)
Direct Materials xxxx* 67,000
xxxxxx Labor* 75,000
Manufacturing Overhead
Indirect Materials xxxx x xxxxxx
Indirect Laborx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Factory Taxesx 8,000
xxxxxxx Utilities* xxxxxx
xxxxx Manufacturing Overhead x xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x 252,000
Work in Process, Dec xx x (21,000)
xxxx of xxxxx Manufactured *

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by kalfree on Sun, 2013-08-04 09:39
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Answers to all questions

body preview (14 words)



xxxxxx xxxx the excel sheet with xxx xxx answers in it. xxxxx xxx xx

file1.xls preview (787 words)


1. Analysis xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx issued xxxx common and preferred stock during xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxx company's xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxx xx xxxx xxx 20X5 follow:+
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx 10% $580,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5000005800 5000800
xxxxxx stock, $10 xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 235000xxxxxx60000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in excess xx xxx value
xxxxxxxxx 24,000 — 240000
xxxxxx 4,620,000 3,600,000 4620000 xxxxxxx 1020000
xxxxxxxx earnings xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
a. xxxxxxx the number of xxxxxxxxx shares xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6. 800xxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx xxx average issue xxxxx of xxx xxxxxx stock xxxx in xxxxx 27
c. xx what amount xxx xxx company's xxxxxxx capital increase xxxxxx xxxxx1724000
xx xxx xxxxxx total xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx decrease xxxxxx 20X6? By xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx increased
2. xxxx computations: xxxxxxxxxxxxx amortization
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx issued xxxxxxxx of 8% xxxxx on xxxxx 1, xxxxx xxx bonds pay interest on xxxxx 1 xxx xxxxxxxxx x xxx mature in xx years. Assume xxx independent cases xxxx xxxxxxx
• Case A—The bonds are xxxxxx xx xxxx
• xxxx B—The bonds are xxxxxx at 96.
• Case C—xxx bonds xxx issued at xxxx
Southlake uses xxx straight-line xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Good_Morning on Tue, 2014-09-23 00:21
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ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment

body preview (3 words)

xxx xxx Week x xxxxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (785 words)


1. Analysis xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity
Star Corporation issued both xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx balance xxxxxx at xxx end of 20X6 xxx xxxx follow:+
20X6 20X5xxxx20x5
xxxxxxxxx stock, xxxx par xxxxxx 10% xxxxxxxx $500,000580000xxxxxx58005000xxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx $10 par value xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 2350000 1750000 235000 xxxxxx 60000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in excess of xxx value
Preferred xxxxxx —24000 0
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 3,600,000 4620000 36000001020000
xxxxxxxx earnings 8,470,000 6,920,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity xxxxxxxxxxx $12,770,000
xx Compute the number xx xxxxxxxxx shares xxxx were issued xxxxxx 20X6. xxx shares
b. xxxxxxxxx the average xxxxx xxxxx of xxx common xxxxx xxxx in xxxxxxx
c. By xxxx amount xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx capital xxxxxxxx during 20X6? 1724000
xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx capital xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6? By xxxx amount? xxxxxx yes xx xxxxxxxxx
xx Bond xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx amortization
Southlake Corporation issued $900,000 xx xx xxxxx on xxxxx 1, 20X1. The bonds xxx xxxxxxxx on March x xxx September 1 xxx xxxxxx xx 10 years. Assume the independent cases xxxx xxxxxxx
• xxxx x—The xxxxx xxx xxxxxx at xxxx
• xxxx B—The bonds are xxxxxx at xxx
• Case x—xxx bonds are issued xx 105.
xxxxxxxxx xxxx the straight-line method xx amortization.
Complete the following xxxxxx
xxxx A xxxx B xxxx x x x x
xx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx issuance xxxx _______

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by rubyCpaMba on Sun, 2013-08-04 12:17
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ACC 206 Week 2 (Chapters 2 and 3) --Correct w/ Solutions (August 2013 Updated)--ACCOUNTANT you can trust!!!

body preview (22 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Good luck x xxx xxxx you xxx xxxx x


xxx issues or concerns, message me xxxxx so xx can xxxxxx xx properly.

file1.docx preview (556 words)

xxxxxx Week 2: xxxxxxxx xxx and xxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx x Exercise 3

3. xxxxxxxx xx stockholders' equity

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx = ($580,000 – $500,000) x xxxx

Preferred xxxxxx issued = $80,000 x xxxx = xxx shares

Average issue xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx = (2,350,000 x 4,620,000) – (1750000 + 3600000)

Ave. xxxxx price x xxxxxxx – 5350000 = xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / xxx

xxxx issue xxxxx = xxxxxxx / xxxxx

xxxx xxxxx Price x xxxxxx

xxxxxxx capital xxxxxxxx x (24000 – 0) + xxxxxxxx – 3600000)

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx + xxxxxxx

Paid-in capital xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxx

Legal capital increase x xxxxxxx -500000) + (2350000-1750000)

xxxxx xxxxxxx increase = 80000 + xxxxxx

Legal capital Increase xx = $680,000

xxxxxxx 2 Problem 1

xx Bond computations: Straight-line xxxxxxxxxxxx (Next page, xxxxxx go xxxxx


Case A

xxxx B

Case x

xxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx xxxx




Total xxxx xxxxxxx through xxxxxxxx




Total borrowing cost over xxx life xx xxx xxxx issue




Interest xxxxxxx for the xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx 19X1




xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxx year xxxxx December 31, xxxx




Unamortized premium xx of December 31, 19X1




Unamortized xxxxxxxx xx of December xxx xxxx




Bond xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx of xxxxxxxx xxx 19X1





xxxx A:

xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx x x = xxxxxxx

Total xxxx xxxxxxx = xxxxxx x .08 x 10 = xxxxxx +900000 = xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx cost x xxxxxx – xxxxxxx = 720,000

xxxxxxxxx expense Dec. 31 19x1 x xxxxxx x .08 x 9/12 = 54,000

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx bond xx issued at par xx xxxx value, therefore Zero xxx xxxxxxxx discount, and amortization

xxxx xx

xxxxx xxxxxx on xxxxxxxx date x 900000 x xxx x xxxxxxx

xxxxxx cash xxxxxxx = 900000 x xxx x 10 = 720000 xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx cost =

- - - more text follows - - -

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