ACC 205 Week 4 Assignment Q#3

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Income distribution (Different arrangements): 




  1. 1.      Income
    distribution: Different arrangements.
    Gatti, and Hogan recently invested 530,000 each and formed the Apex
    partnership. During the first year of operation, the business gener­ated a net
    income of $39,000. Determine the proper division of income among the partners
    for the following independent cases:

    1. Income is divided on
      the basis of a ratio of the beginning capital invest­ments.






2)Partners are allowed12% interest on their investments; the remaining profits and losses are allocated on a 6:1:3 basis.




3)Frank and Hogan each receive salary allowances of $24,000 per year; the remaining profits and losses are shared equally.


= 521,000/3 = 173,666



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