ACC 205 Principles of Accounting Week 1 Complete Ashford

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ACC 205 (Principles of Accounting)


Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1(Account Means)

 As you have learned in this week’s readings the Accounting Equation is Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity. Is the accounting equation true in all instances? Provide sample transactions from your own experiences to demonstrate the validity of the Accounting Equation.

Week 1 DQ2(Accounting Equation)

 What does the term account mean? What are the different classifications of accounts? How do the rules for debits and credits impact accounts? Please provide an example of how debits and credits impact accounts.


Week 1 Assignments:

ACC 205 Week 1 Exercise Includes Following 7 Questions: (Basic Accounting Equations) & Basic journal entries) & (Balance sheet preparation) & (Basic transaction processing) & (Transaction analysis and statement preparation) & (Entry and trial balance preparation) & Journal entry preparation)


ACC 205 Week 1 Exercises Includes: (Recognition of Normal Balances) & (Basic Journal Entries) & (Balance sheet Preparation) &(Basic Transaction Processing) &(Transaction Analysis & Statement Preparation) &(Entry & Trial Balance Preparation) &(Journal Entries Preparation)

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    ACC 205 Principles of Accounting Week 1 Complete Ashford

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