Caring for Patients with Chronic Illness
Topic 1: Caring for Patients with Chronic Illness

In this discussion you will create an age appropriate, evidence based plan of care for a client that might present to a primary care setting with a chronic disease or diseases. Make sure to include in the case study subjective, objective, and assessment data. You will post this information to the Discussion Board. Please provide a list of differential diagnoses, diagnostic exams and create an evidenced based management plan for the client. Be sure to provide a medication list and appropriate dosages. Remember when creating a plan that this patient will have more than one chronic disease and you should create a plan to involve all aspects of care. Comment on peers plan of care in terms of cost effectiveness and evidenced based.

Groups are as follows according to your last name:

A-H: African American female with Congestive Heart Failure, who has had a 20 pound weight gain in the past month. She also has Peripheral Vascular Disease with Venous Insufficiency. This patient has a Grade III murmur and takes anticoagulants.

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