8 slide PowerPoint presentation


Externship - State the company, agency or organization you worked for, what your organization does, its structure, etc. (realistically, this topic should take at least 3 slides)


  1. Discussion of your assigned duties and responsibilities
  2. Describe any on-the-job training and supervision you received
  3. Provide an overview summary of your experience
  4. How did your Kaplan education prepare you for your externship?
  5. Describe the organizational problem you wrote about in your Research paper.
  6. Your recommendations to solve the stated organizational problem
  7. Benefits you believe the company would realize if they acted upon your recommendations



I worked for Third Creek Dental- as a collection Manger, accounts 30/60/90 days past due! Sent final notice letters and turned them over to a collection angency! Make to power point with a lot of graphics and all the information in the note section. I will add the sound. Apa with reference


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