8 Essay Questions Due in 3 hours HR Comp & Benefits


1. Discuss the six forms of deferred (stock) compensation.


2.  List and discuss four possible limitations of merit pay programs. Please discuss in detail and provide examples for each of the limitations


3.  Discuss in detail the factors that compensation professionals use in determining the appropriate compensation mix for salespeople. Provide at least three examples.


4.  Discuss the concept of "just-meaningful pay increase." How can it can strengthen the pay-for-performance link?


5.  Compare and contrast the types of claims that can be made under workers' compensation programs.


6.  Compare and contrast the four-based activities to create market-competitive pay systems.


7.  Describe the strategic importance to updating survey data. Explain the different methods for updating data. Provide an example to illustrate updating data.


8.  Compare and contrast employers', employees', and government's goals in the compensation system. Provide at least three examples. 

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