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1.  __________ are a larger percentage of the California than of the overall U.S. population.


2.  Opponents of the initiative have made all of the following arguments except


3.  As organizations, political parties in California are


4.  In California, the initiative and recall were instituted during the ____________ Era.


5.  The California constitution adopted in 1879 was intended to


6.  According to Janda, Berry, and Goldman, the ?modern dilemma? involves conflicts between


7.  At the present time, __________ may vote in at least most contests in the Republican and Democratic primaries.


8.  In California, the closest thing to C-SPAN (the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is


9.  A state officeholder can be recalled for


10.  In recent decades, changes made through the initiative process have included


11.  The most common method of amending the California constitution has been by


12.  The ______ fought successfully to lessen the role of parties in the California political process.


13.  The referendum, initiative, and recall are collectively referred to as _________ democracy.


14.  Republican voters are ___________ than Democrats.


15.  Approval of an initiative or referendum requires the approval of ______ of those voting.


16.  Democrats in 2004 controlled __________ statewide elected positions.


17.  Compared to other parts of the country, California tends to be more liberal on


18.  Since the present California constitution was adopted there has/have been _____ constitutional convention(s) in the state.


19.  California?s blanket primary was


20.  On most issues, _________ are more conservative than others.


21.  A ____________ would tend to favor equality over freedom but freedom over order.


22.  Comparing the political opinions of members of different ethnic groups shows that


23.  The initiative process is found


24.  According to a study by the Center for Responsive Government, coverage of state politics by the media


25.  Evidence from the 2000 primary provided suggests that the blanket primary




26.  Since 1990, there has been a decrease in the numbers of ______________ serving in the state legislature.


27.  The ______ is California's chief investment officer.


28.  To be eligible to register to vote in California, one must be


29.  "The Secret Boss of California," ______, was a very powerful lobbyist in the 1930s and 1940s.


30.  Democrats do best among


31.  The Board of Equalization deals with


32.  Today, most executive departments


33.  In its political philosophy, the Green Party is most like the ___________ Party.


34.  In the California legislature, the chairs of standing committees are


35.  In recent years, the proportion of voters who are Anglo has been decreasing, with the largest increases coming from ______________ voters.


36.  In California, a line item in the budget can be ______ through the governor's item veto.


37.  The California lieutenant governor's duties include


38.  Which of the following firms pioneered the field of campaign management in California?


39.  Partisan offices make up about ___ percent of all elected positions in California.


40.  The California legislature has a total of ______ seats.


41.  ______ has/have a winnertakeall presidential primary in California.


42.  The Governor of California nominates or appoints many of the following except


43.  In the California senate or assembly, passage of a bill requires support of a majority of


44.  On the California ballot


45.  The most powerful position in the state senate is that of


46.  After each census, the legislature is charged with redistricting


47.  ____________ holds the record for longest service as Assembly Speaker.


48.  Anglos make up ______ of all voters in California.


49.  The "strong speaker" era was a result of


50.  From now on, the statewide primary will be held in early ________ of even-numbered years.

52.  Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) must approve

53.  State employees on "Career Executive Assignment" (CEA)

54.  The state of California has a __________ form of government.

55.  If a vacancy occurs in a trial court, it is filled by

56.  The voting record of Chief Justice Ronald George places him near the ________ of the court?s ideological spectrum.

57.  If the U.S. and California constitutions contain the same or similar language on a given subject

58.  In 2004, California?s ?three strikes? law was

59.  At the local level in California

60.  California?s trial courts are called _________ courts.

61.  Contracting by cities with other agencies to provide services to city residents.

62.  Special districts

63.  Reorganization plans of the governor

64.  California has ______ counties.

65.  Nominations to supreme court or district court of appeals justiceships in California must be approved by

66.  Compared to the rest of the country, state and local government in California relies heavily on

67.  In June 1998, voters approved Proposition 227, a measure to

68.  In a criminal jury trial, if the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict

69.  The state?s fiscal year begins on

70.  Grand juries

71.  The ______ assists the Governor of California in the preparation of the budget.

72.  Proposition 98, passed by the voters in 1988, guaranteed __________ at least forty percent of expenditures from the state's general fund.

73.  Roughly, the ___________________ is to the state legislature as the Congressional Budget Office is to the U.S. Congress.

74.  The California Performance Review was established by

75.  The city manager






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