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As a GROUP select a common consumer package product (e.g., soap, paper towels, soft drinks, canned vegetables, etc.) which is readily available in stores each of you can find close by. As a GROUP discuss your experiences in the retail environment with this product. The project will require each group to develop an in-store marketing campaign (this is known as shopper marketing) for the product. You will provide a PPT presentation of this campaign as your final semester project.
In-store of shopper marketing campaigns require the marketer to try to understand from the shopper perspective the problem this shopper is attempting to solve with the purchase of this product.
Consider such items as:
• Why does he/she need this product?
• Why does he/she need this product now?
• Why this product from this brand and not another?
• Is this product for the shoppers use or are they buying it for another?
• Does the shopper need other products when they use the product they are purchasing?
Based on the solution you have devised for the shopper create a visual representation of the in-store display you are suggesting. Utilize any other additional products or materials to fully develop a solution for your targeted shoppers. This can all be developed through the use of online imagery. You can however utilize a live store environment if you can gain permission to do so. Provide a visual representation of your solution for the presentation.
Your presentation will consist of the following elements:
1. Description of your targeted shopper. This description should be richly detailed, such that the reader of the description can literally picture the individual. In campaigns I usually develop, we have such a complete understanding of the shopper, we actually provide a name for them. Consider some of the following:
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Marital (relationship) status
d. Number of kids (if any) at home and ages
e. Work status
f. What type of work
g. Income
h. Location of home
i. Type of living environment
j. Own or rent
k. Do they drive?
l. Type of transportation method used
m. Etc.
2. Identification of the need you are trying to solve. What is causing the shopper to have to make this purchase? Why does it have to be done now? Is this to satisfy the shopper or another? Is this purchase important to the shopper or just routine?
3. Based on what is driving the need to make the purchase, identify the “occasion or situation” underlying the shopping need. Is this part of the routine shopping trip? Is it something that is needed for a school project? Is something that the shopper forgot to pick up earlier? Is there a party? ... Explain how your in-store solution helps to shopper to manage this underlying need.
4. Describe at least three consumer behavior theories (e.g., role, learning, attitude, personality, etc.) which help to support your in-store solution for the shopper.
5. Detail how each element of your display helps develop an effective solution for the shopper.
6. In the retail environment, stores are often configured differently and have a variety of different square footage ranges. Marketers need to be able to identify how to adapt to multiple retail environments. Provide an example of how you could accommodate a smaller environment by removing one element from the display. Next, provide an example of how you could accommodate a larger environment by adding another item which would help the shopper even more.
Your PPT should contain no more than 15 slides including an introduction, reference, and end slide. Each slide should contain no more than eight (8) lines with each line consisting of no more than eight (8) words. All other materials should be in the notes section. Each slide should contain an image which helps to explain the slides materials.

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