6 page essay


Imagine yourself either as an ancient Greek or ancient Chinese medical or scientific practitioner of some sort (feel free to choose from any of the practices discussed in the book).  Along the road one day, you encounter a practitioner from the opposite civilization, and you begin to discuss your various methods.  You quickly, however, come to disagree about various important elements of your practice.  In your paper, first summarize the similarities and differences in your particular field between the practice of the Chinese and the Greeks.  Then formulate an argument against the opposing method of practice; that is, if you imagined yourself a Greek doctor, try to argue why Chinese medicine is inferior to Greek, from that doctor’s perspective.  Make sure to reference various aspects of Greek or Chinese society that might be relevant, such as institutional practices, state or private financial support, educational systems, etc.


Length: No more than 6 pages.

This must be A+ work I am paying a little over 5 dollars a page need to have at least 4 citations MLA style paper

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