5 page essay on let the great world spin, prompt available


I need a 5 page essay for Let The Great World Spin, double spaced. This is the prompt: 

One of the themes discussed is storytelling. The importance of of sharing stories is that it often gives a voice to the unheard and beauty to the mundane. How does the author embody this idea in his work? 

Consider the author's use of composition as an art form. How does syntax function in illustrating and highlighting story development? In other words, consider the author's use of sense structure, language, grammar, and word order as "characters" with direct influence on how details unravel throughout the text. Also consider how all of the above help to create a mood or theme throughout the novel. For example, certain words or the arrangement of language represent a color, mood , idea, etc.

It may be helpful to select a specific passage, idea, theme, etc. in the text and develop your idea from a perspective that is focused on a centralized idea. However, your approach is completely up tp you. It should be organized and focused on an idea that you found interesting, significant and/or unusual.


That is the prompt. I need a very well-written essay.  

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