5 Multiple Choice Questions on Strategic Management



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1) A Company has current assets of $4 million and current liabilities of $2 million. What is the current ratio?


2) After a company completes a SWOT analyses, what should it do next?

a) Determine how to leverage the company's internal strenghts to attract customers and compete succesfully

b) Focus on removing or reducing the weakness identified in the company's internal operations.

c) Form an alliance with other employers in the industry to change the external environment to make it more favorable

d) Conduct a cvalue chain analysis to identify which activities of the company should be outsourced.


3) Customers will be powerful if the

a) Supplier's products saves the customer money

b) customer possess no threat to the vertical intergration.

c) Supplier's product is key to the quality of the Customer's products

d) Products purchased are standard and undifferentiated


4) The primary responsibility of a Board of Director is

a) Formulate strategy

b) Protect the interest of stcokholders

c) Protect the interest of stakeholders

d) Implement strategy


5) Which of the following tasks is most difficult for management to undertake

a) Changing corporate strategy

b) changing corporate culture

c) changing company mission

d) changing company structure

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    • 5 Multiple Choice Questions on Strategic Management
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