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  1. The Chapter 9 opener discusses the new "Live Más" campaign for Taco Bell. Analyze the creative strategy used for this campaign, giving attention to the type of creative appeals used as well is the advertising execution. Please be specific in your answer.


  2. Discuss the role of social media in an IMC program. What can these media best contribute in regard to helping marketers achieve communication objectives? Be specific in your answer.




  1. Explain some of the reason marketers are shifting their budget allocations from traditional to digital and social media. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages with this reallocation? Be sure to be complete in your answer.






  1. If you are purchasing print advertising space for a manufacturer of golf clubs such as Callaway or TaylorMade, what factors would you consider? Would your selection magazines be limited to golf publications? Why or why not? The complete and answer all questions.




  1. Discuss the advantages and limitations of television as an advertising medium and how these factors affect its use by both major national advertisers as well as smaller local companies. Be complete in your answer.






  1. Now that you have completed the course, what are the three most important things you learned about integrated marketing communications? These three things should be insights or things you have or will share with others. These should be powerful lessons learned or things you will remember after time has passed.




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