#4 Systems in Healthcare


Individual Project   2-3 pgs


What is the role of healthcare marketing in an HCO's strategic planning process? Provide an example. Be sure to identify and discuss basic marketing elements. Be sure to discuss why effective communication is paramount in getting the right message across.

Select a health care organization you are familiar with and advise that organization on ways it can market its services.


Discussion Board  3-4 paragraphs

Health care organizations continue to expand geographically and by service provision in order to achieve benefits of cost savings, reduced duplicative services, and reduced administrative staffing requirements among others. The resultant “systems of care” may be for profit or non-profit in type.

Identify one of these health care systems (more than 1 location/service provision) in your community or one that you find in the online library and discuss the information systems/technology management department specifically. This may include the software program(s) used, HIPAA compliance processes, hardware, in-house vs. contract billing/medical records, etc. Discuss what you would change to improve the organization’s information systems management program based on the pros and cons you evaluate

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