4 short answer Less than 100 word for each question


Answer the following question. Less than 100 word for each question


1.        Watch the video “ March of the Machines” (60 minutes)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2lDmF8ZShI and there is more article source about it


1a. According to those interviewed, how has the invention of “ artificial intelligence” made this most recent wave of technological development and displacement distinct from previous historical periods of industrial innovation?



1b. Assuming the projections concerning automation’s negative impact are true, what actions can society (i.e., humans) take to at least manage the process in a more humane way? Can technology be made to aid humans rather than replace them?



2.     Watch the video “Do Labor-Saving Robots Spell Doom for American Workers?” (NewsHour)



2a. According to those interviewed, in an economy driven increasingly by intelligent automation, and as more jobs become obsolete, why is it thought that income inequality and poverty could follow for millions of Americans?



2b. In your view, what are the broader, long-term social consequences of the worker displacement caused by the increasing incorporation of robotics into the workplace? How might the insights of Marx and Weber provide guidance in terms of understanding the economic and social logic driving the trends described in both the 60 Minutes and NewsHour stories

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