4 Prof. Moses Disseminating Conclusions and Recommendations


Disseminating Conclusions and Recommendations

After all data are analyzed from a research project, the next step is for the researcher to develop conclusions and recommendations. These conclusions and recommendations not only allow the researcher to make connections to other literature but also to share insights gained with colleagues and stakeholders. For this blog, you consider how to disseminate the conclusions and recommendations that you develop for your Capstone Project.


Post by Tuesday 7/21/2015 9pm New York Time APA Format 1-2 Pages in-text citations, reference page.
Be sure to include in-text citations from scholarly resources.

an explanation of how you might disseminate conclusions and recommendations for the problem or issue you identified for your Capstone Project. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation. Include what you might do to ensure that your stakeholders clearly understand your recommendations and are able to effectively implement solutions.

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