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For this first paper, you should search for an article on a subject that interests you.  The subject can be almost anything, really, from sports to your future career field, to politics or some other current event.  But the article should take a position and make a clear claim (argument) about this topic.  Your job will be to perform a rhetorical analysis of this article - in other words, your job is to define what the text's argument is, and then analyze how they argue their point, and whether or not they do so effectively.

Begin by identifying the audience.  Who is the article addressing?  Is it aimed at a general audience, or a more specific audience, who may have both more knowledge in the field and certain preconceptions or prejudices about the topic or claims presented.  An article on high-mileage hybrid cars will make a different argument in Popular Mechanics than it will in Hot Rod magazine - or at least, it will make its argument differently.

Identify the claim presented by the article.  What are they arguing?

Identify the major Rhetorical Proofs:

      Ethos:  this is the reputation or credibility of the author, and also of the resources the author cites or refers to.  Who are they, and why would a reader listen or be convinced by them?

      Logos:  this is the logic or reasoning by which the author hopes to convince readers that s/he is right.  Think about the syllogisms and enthymemes, and how the author creates such chains of logic to lead readers to their conclusion

     Pathos:  this is the emotional appeal of the argument, making readers care about the outcome and side with the author.  How does the author create a sympathetic emotional state in the reader?

Identify, if possible, the Kairos of the article.  Kairos is the "entry" to an argument, the circumstance that creates the "opening" for this subject to come up.  A sudden or consistent increase in gas prices, for example, might prompt an article on alternative fuel vehicles.  A public shooting might prompt an argument about gun control laws, etc

 The paper should be 4 pgs, double-spaced.  You should cite your primary source (the article itself), and I am not requiring any secondary sources, but if you use secondary sources, please cite those as well.  

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