300 words HW



Hi, I need to write about this topic and anser all of the question.


it must be at least 300 words about the topic and the answers for it.



- Discusses  the value dimensions such as individualism-collectivism, small-large power distance, weak-strong uncertainty avoidance, feminine-masculine orientation, activity orientation, people-nature control, temporal orientation, independent-interdependent self-construal, horizontal-vertical self-construal, internal-external locus of control. 


- then, I'd like for you to identify a specific value that you believe underlies the thinking and actions of people in a cultural group/community of which you are a member. 


- Tell us about the cultural group you are writing about (national, religious, ethnic, etc.), and then describe and give examples of the ways this value influences behavior in the cultural group.


- Finally, tell us about how you personally identify (or not) with this value and how it is reflected (or not) in your own worldview.

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