3 MacroEconomics Questions


I have 3 questions and I need you to justify each question why did you choose this answer. I need them within 6 hours from

1-According to Robert Fogel, economic growth ________ health, and health ________ economic growth. 

_______ A) improves; improves 
B) worsens; worsens

C) improves; worsens 
D) worsens; improves 


2- Using the market for loanable funds, which of the following has the potential to raise the real interest rate? 

______ A) an increase in the quantity demanded of loanable funds

B) an increase in the quantity supplied of loanable funds

C) an increase in the supply of loanable funds

D) an increase in the demand for loanable funds


3- A government budget deficit will shift the ________ curve for loanable funds to the ________  and the equilibrium real  interest rate will _________. 

______ A) supply; right; fall 
B) demand; left; fall

C) supply; left; rise 
D) demand; right; rise 



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