3 finals


Must get a 95-100 for ful payment...

No plaigirism 

1st class 

Here is some information about your Final Exam.

  • The Final Exam is comprehensive, covering Chapters 19.
  • TCOs 1–7 are covered.
  • The Final Exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions worth 4 points each and 6 short answer questions worth 10 points each. The total exam is worth 240 points.
  • There are two pages to the exam. You do not have to complete the questions or the pages in order.
  • You will have 3 hours, 30 minutes to take the exam.
  • Note: Short answer and essay questions will not be included in the eCollege autograding function.


Here is some information about your Final Exam.

  • All assigned chapter readings will be covered.
  • All of the course TCOs will be covered.
  • This Final Exam is worth 300 total points and includes the following.
    • 10 multiple choice questions worth 10 points each
    • 10 calculation problems worth 10 points each
    • There are seven multiple choice questions and three short answer questions.
  • Three essay questions (one question for 34 points and two questions for 33 points each)
  • You have 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish the Final Exam.


This Final Exam contributes 300 points to your overall grade, so please do your very best!

  • There are 25 multiple choice questions worth 4 points each.
  • There are 4 essay questions worth 50 points each.
  • The Final Exam covers all TCOs.
  • Remember to save your answers often.
  • You have 3.5 hours to take the Final Exam.
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