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3 essay questions get be done due 22 midnight!!!!!!

Read Genesis 18:1-15 (page 35) along with the footnotes and explain how Abraham is presented as an ideal Near Eastern image of hospitality.

Discuss the importance of the disclosure of the divine name to Moses in Exodus 3:13-15 (page 87). How is the revelation of God's name to Moses important to the overall Exodus story AND the particular story in chapter 3? You will want to understand the overall story and the reasons for God's disclosure of the divine name to Moses. Note the information provided in the footnotes.

Read Exodus 12:1-13 (page 99 in the Oxford Bible). What is the meaning of the word "Passover," and how is the word symbolic a portion of the Exodus story? Why was the Passover meal eaten in haste? List all the elements of the meal that describe how the meal was to be consumed in a hurry.

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Question one According to genesis 18:1-15 Abraham portrayed high level of hospitality when the lord visited him and his wife at the tent. Abraham only saw three men standing by his side and hurriedly bowed to the ground to welcome. He didn’t ask them who

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xxxxx on Exodus

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xxxxxxx head: xxxxxxx AND xxxxxx xxxxxx 1








Question one

xxxxxxxxxx to genesis xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx level of hospitality when xxx lord visited him and his xxxx at xxx tent. xxxxxxx only saw xxxxx men standing xx xxx side xxx hurriedly xxxxx xx the xxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xx xxxx’x ask xxxx who xxxx xxxx xxx instead he xxxxxxxxx himself xx x servant xxx emphasized that xxx xxxx should not xxxx his servant xxx Abraham xxx more hospitable xxxxx xx bowed to the xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx the three men into his xxxx xxxxxx he xxx xxx xxxx whether xxx xxxx xxx xx the midst. He xxx xxx a Christian xxxx throughout but xxx lord didn’x reward him xxxx x child yet when xx xxx xxx xxxxx men he said that he xxx xxxxx favor in xxx eyes of xxx lord.This xxxxxxxxx that

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