25 Question - Spanish Quiz


 I have had a super busy cpl of weeks with work and it being the holidays and all, and I need some help.  My 12th week Spanish quiz is due Sunday night, and I haven't had the time to catch up on the week covered in the quiz.  I would really like it of I could pay someone to jump on and take it real fast so I can catch up on the Rosetta Stone week this next week. You van either jump on my account real fast and knock it out or I can get on Skype and read off or type the question to you. They are usually very simple I've done the other 3 no problem, they took prob 30 minutes each. Just 25 quik questions and if you speak Spanish already it's a piece of cake.  I will help the best I can, but like I said if you know Spanish it's easy I juast am behind because of the holidays.   Please let me know. Thank you guys and gals!! 

    • 8 years ago
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