2 seperate article reviews with the links of sources. due in 6 hours


a business management problems. any article relates to management in business you pick. ( NO PALAGIARISM PLZ ) READ THE instructions down plz.



*ARTICLE REVIEWS : follow the instructions, i don't need a crazy fancy work.  just do what i asked n i ill apreciate it.

These assignments involve identifying a current management topic of your choice, and writing a 2-3 page (double-spaced) summary of the topic.  You should include a link to the article, an overview of the topic, a description of the details of the issue, as well as any positives or negatives associated with the issue.  Then, address your interpretation of why it is newsworthy, and particularly relevant to students in this course.  Finally, you should contribute your recommendations or conclusions about how you would make changes or help develop / resolve the issue.  Remember that all papers in the course must adhere to APA guidelines


you have to include the links of the articles.  dont forget.

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