2 Part HRM Assignment


1) My price is not flexible.


2) I do not respond to poor grammar/handshakes.


3) This is a 2 part project, where there will be a pause in between getting feedback from the professor. As such I will not accept somebody with no reviews/new to the site as I will need that person to do Part 2 to this project in a few weeks. I am looking for good communication between us.


4) Failure to read directions will lead to failure on my part to respond.


5) Your handshake must include your HRM experience.


6) I do not post detailed assignments on here, but I will cover the gist as I do not want the teachers words to be searchable.


7) If you really want this assignment, you will also include a sample question that would set you apart from other handshakes.


8) I will not pick somebody today, unless something/somebody really stands out. It does take a while to go through these handshakes, and I will be thorough for this one. If you look at my reviews you will see I search for 1-2 tutors who can take multiple assignments for me. I am doing poorly with one of my favorite tutors in the HRM class, so I am now looking for a tutor more specialized in this field.



The assignment:


Part 1 ($5)- Find a HRM employee to interview (this would be you, "I'm" interviewing you). Come up with a list of questions to ask during the interview with this person. This list of questions will get reviewed/tweaked by the professor before proceeding to part 2.


Part 2 ($15)- A Interview report to include a brief description of the interviewee, a discussion of Q&As, and then a reflection on what was learned.

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