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Juvenile Websites


Research two juvenile websites (A few have been listed in the Getting Started page). Write a 2 to 3 page essay in how those websites can help law enforcement personnel either a police officer, corrections officer, or probation/ parole officer.


HTTrack Website Copier


This free utility software allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

As you have learned, web sites can be taken down off a web server in seconds. It you have a suspect web site, you want to be able to capture all of the website information as evidence. Navigate to the site http://www.httrack.com/ and download HTTrack. Utilize the software and “mirror” a website of your choice. I would suggest creating a folder on your desktop to save the “mirrored” website.

Compose a 1 page paper on your experience with this software utility.

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