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I Need help with 2 Page essay. Must be based on the outlined provided.  Must proper 3 body paragraphs including the proper introduction and conclusion. Must be 100% original. Must Include scholarly 2-3 references in APA. 


here below is the outline:


Title: Impact of Gaming on Children


Today is an era of abrupt technological advancements which has impacted many field of like including children choice of games.


A.    Children should not be exposed to video games at the early stage as it may have an adverse impact on their physical health.

i.                    Spending more time playing a video game may make children lazy.

ii.                  Children may gain weight at early stage due to continuous sitting in playing videos games.

iii.                Children may avoid physical games and exercises which will make them healthy and fit and constant sitting while playing video games may lead to backbone and muscles pain.

iv.                Video games also have an adverse impact on the eye sight. Gaming also leads to exposing children to violent games like street fighter and Delta Force where they eagerly kill other players in the game

B.     Video games can have an adverse impact on the mental health of the children.

i.                    Children may be inclined towards violence by playing such video games.

ii.                  Children will want to buy guns and tanks as their toys after playing video games.

iii.                Playing street fighter and Delta Force games may leads to children inclination towards fighting and quarreling a lot with their friends.

iv.                Children are immature what they see they learn it so video games may make them aggressive.

C.    Parents must monitor their children when they are using technological equipment’s

i.                    Parents should put restriction in playing such video games that can have adverse impact on their mental health.

ii.                  Parents should guide children regarding use of technology for good things like they should motivate them to learn Microsoft office which is beneficial in future.

iii.                Parents should motivate children to play physical games like hide and seek and others and should play with their children such games.

iv.                Parents should select such video games for children which lead to better physical and mental growth of their children like Kinect



Everything has its positive and negative aspects. Parents should play their role in monitoring their children while they are using technological devices to help them grow in a better way. 



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