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Submitted by madhav.mac on Fri, 2012-02-17 03:04
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2. A computer repair shop had received a number of complaints on the length of time it took to make repairs. The manager responded by increasing the repair staff by 10%. Complaints on repair time quickly decreased, but complaints on the cost of repair suddenly increased. When the repair costs were analyzed, it was found that the average cost of repair had actually decreased compared to what it was before the increase in staff. Explain the causes & recommend what actions you will contemplate.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Fri, 2012-02-17 04:58
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the options are given

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xx the manager increased xxx staff, xxx cost xxxxxxxxx on account of xxxxxx xxxxx have xxxxxxxxxx xxxx might xxxx xxxx the reason for xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx repair.

On xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx xx repair, xx xxx found xxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx had decreased. xxxx means xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx has xxxxxxxxxx xxxx could xx xxxxxxxx by

1. xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx problem completely by insuring that all xxx goods and xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

2. xxxxxxxxxxxx time should xxx be xxxxxxx

3. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx what xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

4. xxxxxxx what’s xxxxxx exactly where xxxxxx wanted.

xx Provide xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx it’s wanted exactly xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx

This has improved xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx workshop

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