2-3 page essay.


.Once you have a login and password, enter the Skills Assessment and create a skills inventory. 3. Upon completion of the Skills Assessment create a detailed explanation of those skills that you feel will be important for your future in a 2-3 page essay. (Select at least five skills.) 4. Submit to the Unit 2: Portfolio Dropbox. 5. In addition, upload to the Optimal Resume Portfolio. This is required as you will be completing the Portfolio throughout this course as Assignments.


5 Skills


                Listening   Paying attention to what other people are saying, and taking time to understand the points being made.




                Speaking   Talking, giving speeches, or speaking in a group to convey information, explain ideas, or give instructions.




                Writing and Authoring   Composing and communicating your ideas in written form.




                Persuasion   Persuading, encouraging and motivating others to accept your ideas.




                Managing Time   Allocating and budgeting your time for different tasks so that things get done when needed.

I am a dental assistant. I hope to become an office manager after I finish my degree!

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