Unit 2 Assignment

You will be receiving an email from Career Services verifying they are in the process of reviewing the resume and cover letter you submitted last week. The email will contain the contact information for the specialist who will be editing your resume and cover letter so you can maintain communication with him or her throughout the course to ensure your final work is ready to submit in Unit 10. You are required to submit a copy of this email correspondence to the Unit 2 Learning Activity Dropbox. Search your university email as well as your spam to locate the correspondence and contact your instructor if you have not received an email by the end of Unit 2.

Unit 2 Assignment Instructions Summary: Click here for full details.

Short Paper: Criminological Theory

In a 3–4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), summarize and provide an example of how biological, sociological, and psychological theories of crime causation affect human behavior and actions. Be sure to provide an example of each and include a reference to the examples that may include an article, case study, adjudicated case, etc.


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