1,200 Word Persuasion Paper on IT Enterprise Risk Management $40


I need someone to Write a no more 1,200 Persuasion paper discussing the virtual company “Huffman Trucking”, whose information to include a network diagram is attached below.  The paper must address the 3 bullets points below using the attached information on the Huffman Trucking Company’s computer network. The paper must be written from the perspective that you have been hired as a consultant and the paper must do all of the following points below:

  1. Describe how the organization can apply risk management principles in their efforts to secure their systems.

  1. Describe how protection efforts will vary over time.
  2. Include three different example sets, each with a vulnerability, related risk, and way to mitigate (control) that item.

The assignment must be in APA format with no words that end in “ed”, everything must be in future or present tense. Work must be 100% original and will be checked for plagiarism before the final payment is made. The paper must proof read for grammatical errors using a grammar tool (like “Grammerly”) before submission to me. Assignment must have at least 3 references.

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