Question 1
What do a "baby boom" generation and a "baby bust" generation have in common?
A. Many jobs will open up when each group retires.
 B. They are both age cohorts.
C. They are both classified as birth confederates.
D. They both will create a hardship on the economy when their members retire.

Question 2
The tendency for television stations to retain older male newscasters but replace aging female newscasters in favor of younger, more attractive women is a reinforcement of gender:
A. socialization.
B. transcendence.
C. identity.
  D. aging.

Question 3
Who are the "invisible minority?"
A. African Americans
 B. Native Americans
C. Illegal immigrants from Mexico
D. Asian Americans

Question 4
The __________ is the name of the retirement plan proposed in 1930 that would have been funded by a national sales tax of two percent.
A. Marshal Plan
B. Gramm-Rudman Act
C. Hatch Act
D. Townsend Plan



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