"10 people from U.S. History from the year 1890 to present who you would have dinner with"

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You are to think back over the course of US History from 1890 to the present day. Think about the individuals who have been a part of that history.

1. List 10 historical figures (U.S. history 1890 to the present) that you would invite to dinner. These individuals can be alive today or be deceased. They CANNOT be related to you. These individuals must be part of American history, not simply an influence on American history. After each name, list 4 clear and distinct reasons why you would choose that person. (this part is worth 40 its)

2. After you have all 10 listed along with the 4 reasons, think about what is occurring in our country today. Choose one issue of today that is significant in the United States. Your task is to find a solution to that issue, based on how you think your 10 member committee would solve the problem. Your solution is based on a plan created by all members of the team, NOT individual solutions. This means that all members of your committee have a part in the solution and you must describe the contribution each would make. Please remember that their individual contributions must be realistic.In other words, their contributions must be in line with actions they have taken in the past.You cannot simply “fit” each person into your plan if the actions you are assigning are not something that person would more than likely do or has not done. Again, it must be realistic and have a historical basis

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    Ten people from U.S. History I would have dinner with

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