1) A motel has 40 units.

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1) A motel has 40 units. during the month of June, its average room rate is expected to be $80, and its room occupancy is 74%. In July, the owner is planning to raise room rates by 10%, and occupancy is expected to be 84%. In August, no further room rate raises are contemplated, but occupancy is expected to e up to 92% for each of the three months of June, July and August, calculate the budgeted rooms sale revenue.


2. Using the information listed below, calculate the total budget food sales revenue and beverage sales revenue for the month of August. (This particular August has four Sundays)


A dining room has 66 seats, and is open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner (closed on Sundays). Beverage sales revenue normally averages 15% of lunch food sales revenue and 32% of dinner food sales revenue.


Management has forecasted the following totals:



Turnover Average Sales

Lunch 1.75 $12.95

Dinner 2.75 $16.95

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