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An organization is a system of people and technology designed to accomplish a goal. The four components that make up the systems framework are tasks (e.g., mission/purpose), people (e.g., employees), technology (e.g., tools and knowledge), and structure (e.g., work design, organizational design).

In this assignment, you will consider the four components making up the system of one of the six focus organizations (Netflix, Ford Motor Company, Oracle Corporation, Groupon, Dyson, and QuikTrip) referred to in your text.

Write a paper in which you address the following:

  • Identify which of the focus organizations you would most like to work for. Explain your reasoning.
  • Conduct Internet research on that organization and describe it from the perspective of the four components that make up the systems framework (tasks, people, technology, and structure).

Your assignment should be one to two pages in length, written in APA style format. You must reference two or three quality, peer-reviewed journal articles in your paper.

Reference all sources using APA format. For guidance using APA format, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

Save your document with a file name that includes your name, course code, section number, and title.

  • (For example: JaneSmith MAN5245-12 Week 1.docx)

If you are not using Microsoft Word, save your document with the .rtf file extension (Rich Text Format).

Submit this document to the Week 1: Individual Work 1 basket in the Dropbox.

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