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The objective of this assignment is to introduce you to academic writing (ASA or APA) and to help you to make a clear and logical presentation. The assignment will test your ability to:

·       Analyze a specific sociological topic in the course material;

·       Write up your findings in academic format (APA or ASA);

·       Find and include academic references (APA of ASA format) in your written work, and

·       Present your findings to the class.




You will be assigned and introduced to your group on the first day of class. The group will receive a presentation date and a Chapter in the textbook to present. The group   divides the chapter material between group members so that each group member has an assigned topic to write an individual paper.   Each group member must have a different topic and all the topics need to be presented to the class on the assigned date.




Use the textbook material assigned to you by your group to identify your own point of interest within the material. Use your own point of interest, the textbook material and TWO additional sources to write a paper of 2 pages (1000 words). Use TWO additional sources to support or argue against the textbook material. Make use of APA or ASA to reference and include the additional sources in your paper. The complete paper need to be 2 pages (1000 words).  Hand the paper in on the day of your group presentation. You will receive a zero for the assignment if you do not hand in your paper.* Note: Each individual group member writes a paper on a particular topic within the assigned chapter and is responsible to hand the paper in on the assigned presentation date.




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