• The Application: Use the following steps for the application:
    1. Select your development approach.
    2. Decide on the products that you are planning to sell.
    3. Create a draft program design (on paper).
    4. Start creating the program structure using the provided integrated development environment (IDE).
    5. By the end of Week 1, your program should do the following:
      • It should ask customers to enter details such as their names and addresses.
      • It should print a welcome message that includes the customer’s name.
      • It should provide a list of available products with descriptions.
      • Add comments to your code.
  • The Documentation: Use the following steps for the documentation:

1. Title page

      • Course number and name
      • Project name
      • Student name
      • Date
    1. Table of contents (TOC)
      • Use an auto generated TOC.
      • It should be on a separate page.
      • It should be a maximum of 3 levels deep.
      • Update the fields of the TOC so it is up-to-date before submitting your project.
    1. Section headings (Create each heading on a new page and indicate with "TBD"; that is, to be determined.)


      • Part 1: Fundamentals
        • In this section, summarize the main application features and the current functionality. Provide screenshots of your program execution.
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