1-2 Page Proposal



1-3 Final Project Milestone #1: Proposal


Throughout this course you will be asked to make wiki posts about a company in which you are a stakeholder. Before you can make your first post (due next week), you must submit a proposal to your instructor below.

This 1–2 page proposal must:

  1. Identify the company you have selected
  2. Give a brief synopsis of the company, summarizing its purpose and goals
  3. State your rationale and reason for selecting this company
  4. Describe your role as a stakeholder in this company
  5. Describe at least three other stakeholders and their relationship to the company you have selected
  6. Conclusion: what you hope to gain/understand as you research about this company

After the handshake is agreed upon, I will give the comany that I have chosen. Paper must be:


1-2 page APA.

Pass Turnitin

Received on or before the deadline.

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