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Operations Management is the management of systems or processes that create goods or provide services.

For example, when a company wants to operate smoothly, grow their business, satisfy customers, and make money, operations management is at work. Customer service, global competition, productivity, and quality are all parts of operations management. Globalization is required for a company to expand to a larger market. Productivity and quality must be at a maximum for the business to make the most money possible.

All businesses have a supply chain. A supply chain is a process that is put in place by a company in order to gather materials produce and distribute their product. The supply chain can include the businesses' facilities, functions, and activities. The supply chain sequence begins with raw materials and concludes with the final product that the customer buys.

There are three types if interrelated processes that a business is composed of: 1) Upper management processes, 2) operational processes, and 3) supporting processes.


Using the information that you learned in the activity for the Business Environment Process, write a 1-2 page paper in which you choose one of the business process categories and identify some of the business environmental factors that affect that category. Use specific examples about how some of the factors impact the process. Explain the cause and effect between the factor and environment.

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